Maida 1 kg

Salt 1 tbsp

rice flour 2 tbsp

Luke warm water

Egg 2 Nos ( only non veger use egg otherwise leave it)

Oil 2 tbsp

stuffing material what we want to stuffed (veg/ boneless non veg)

method :-

1. take maida and mix with salt + rice flour

2. break one egg and mix on mixer of maida and put little oil on it and make dough.

3. spread a dough on dice like roti

4. take a pan and light bake both side.

5. take little oil and brushing on both side.

6. break 1 egg and brushing on one side.

7. Spread sauces + Cooked vegetable put one corner + green salad and fold it two side

8. serve it with green chatney

Frankie Sauce

Recipe :-

1. clove

2. garlic

3. curd

4. oyster

5. ketchup

6. soya sauce

7. chilliflake

8. black pepper

Method :-

Crush clove and garlic and mix on curd add oyster + ketchup + soyasauce+ black pepper

and salt ( to taste) whisk properly.

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