Petha Peanut Ki Sabji (pumpkin)



  • Cut Petha into the half. Using a spoon, remove seeds from the squash.

  • Clean and chop petha (pumpkin).

  • Heat ghee in a pan. Add the whole spices (dried whole chilies, Cinnamon, Whole black Cardamon, Cloves, and methi dana) to the pan. When the spices start to crackle add petha to the pan.

  • Cover and cook for 10- 15 minutes or until petha becomes soft and watery. Depending on what type of a petha it is raw or ripped - the cooking process may vary.

  • Add all the dry spices at this time and mix to combine. If you prefer your petha vegetable to be soft and chunky, then add roasted peanutand leave it as is. Avoid stirring the vegetable as the soften cubes may get crushed. Allow the excess water to evaporate. Do the taste test, add sugar, and mix.

  • Garnish with dhaniya leaves and enjoy.

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