Updated: Aug 10, 2020


1. Milk 1 liter

2. lemon juice 3 tbsp

3. Sugar 2 cups

4. Water 3 1/2 cups


  1. Heat the milk on kadhai. When milk boil, simmer(low) the gas flame and add lemon juice and stir properly.

  2. After that water clearly separate from boil milk, it make cheena.

  3. Take a metal strainer, lined with a cheese cloth/muslin cloth ( use also clean dupata) and pour curdled milk in it.

  4. Wash it well in the running water to remove the lemon smell and sourness.

  5. Hang it for 30 mins, just squeezed to excess water.

  6. After 1/2 hrs take out Paneer in a boil. Now knead this for 7-10 mins and make it soft and smooth dough. Make smooth equal size ball ( no crack, any side). keep aside.

  7. Make a sugar Syrup and one by one put a ball into a sugar syrups and cook it till sugar syrup fill on inner side of a balls.

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